Draw the platform memory map in m5out (outdir)


There is no good way at the moment to visualize the Arm VExpress_GEM5* memory map.

So far we have been relying on inspecting docs in

This is usually fine, however it has the following limitations:

a) If not correctly updated, comments can go stale
b) Some ranges are allocated at runtime by priviledged software (e.g. PCI bringup) and cannot be
predetermined by simply inspecting the sources
c) The beforementioned documentation is really VExpress_GEM5_V1 specific. VExpress_GEM5_V2 and VExpress_GEM5_Foundation have made amendments to it

It would be nice if we could automatically generate a picture of the memory map at runtime based on the address ranges of the system.


See attached images as an example


Giacomo Travaglini


Giacomo Travaglini