Support for multiple JSON stat dumps


The current JSON stat dumper doesn't store multiple dumps. Storing multiple dumps in a single file is currently not supported by the JSON schema we use and is likely to be complicated for multiple reasons.

A simple way to add support for multiple dumps would be to store them in different files. We have a similar issue when forking the simulator to simulate different options. In that case, the fork function in uses Python's built in string formatting function to generate a file name from a template provided by the user. The template is formatted using a dictionary of "useful things" (fork sequence number, current tick, etc).

We could do something similar for stat dumps, for example a user could specify a file name like this:

Unlike the fork function, we should probably use str.format to avoid the need for a '%' on the command line.

It would be nice if we could support this mechanism for C++ stat dumpers as well, but that’d require us to refactor the interface to the dumper and provide a filename when the dump is created.




Andreas Sandberg




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