Undefined symbols in gem5 library


When building the latest gem5 library version for TLM coupling

a lot of symbols are undefined:

U FPCDParams::create() const
U IGbEParams::create() const
U TAGEParams::create() const
U VGicParams::create() const
U A9SCUParams::create() const
U BIPRPParams::create() const
U CacheParams::create() const
U CPackParams::create() const
U FALRUParams::create() const
U GicV2Params::create() const
U Gicv3Params::create() const
U HDLcdParams::create() const
U LFURPParams::create() const
U LRURPParams::create() const
U LTAGEParams::create() const
U MRURPParams::create() const
U Pl011Params::create() const
U PL031Params::create() const
U Pl050Params::create() const
U Pl111Params::create() const
U SinicParams::create() const
U Sp804Params::create() const
U Sp805Params::create() const
U ArmISAParams::create() const
U ArmMMUParams::create() const
U ArmPMUParams::create() const
U ArmPPIParams::create() const
U ArmSPIParams::create() const
U ArmTLBParams::create() const
U BridgeParams::create() const
U FIFORPParams::create() const
U FUDescParams::create() const
U FUPoolParams::create() const
U Gicv2mParams::create() const
U I2CBusParams::create() const
U NSGigEParams::create() const
U OpDescParams::create() const
U SMMUv3Params::create() const
U SwitchParams::create() const
U SystemParams::create() const
U BRRIPRPParams::create() const
U DisplayParams::create() const
U IdeDiskParams::create() const
U IsaFakeParams::create() const

This problem does not occur in older versions of the develop branch or on the stable branch.


Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
gcc 9.3.0
Python 3.8.5
SCons 3.1.2


Jason Lowe-Power
March 11, 2021, 11:47 PM

Thanks for fixing this, Gabe! We appreciate your effort!

Jason Lowe-Power
March 9, 2021, 3:48 PM

This relation chain needs to be moved to staging so it will be included in the release. We can’t have a release which breaks an important use case.

Gabe Black
March 9, 2021, 6:37 AM
Gabe Black
March 9, 2021, 4:23 AM

The weak symbols are probably not helping and are fairly easy to get rid of, but after digging around I found that the problem is actually the --without-python and --with-cxx-config which leaves out my default create() creating stuff. Without the default and without an explicit definition, then there’s a problem. I’ll both remove the weak symbols (which are often problematic) and add in the default create() stuff for the cxx-config.

Gabe Black
March 9, 2021, 1:34 AM

This isn’t something that can easily just be rolled back. I suspect the problem are the weak symbols that are used to allow you to define a create() method even when you have a standard constructor, since the gnu dynamic linker (and probably others) has non-ideal behavior related to weak symbols. That capability isn’t used very much, and wouldn’t be that big of a deal to do without. It could be something else though, I’ll have to play with it to see.



Gabe Black


Lukas Steiner



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