Upstream the 'squeak' branch


In the past several years, a research group working on dynamic compilers, has been using gem5 extensively and has accumulated a pile of ad-hoc patches to gem5. This JIRA issue proposes to properly upstream the work contained in that pile.

The benefits of doing this, would be quite standard and unsurprising. On the one hand, the pile contains improvements to gem5 that would be of use not only to our group but also to the wider gem5 community. On the other hand, there are compiler researchers who are interested in our gem5-based approach but are repelled by the need to mess with third-party patches.

This epic could roughly be subdivided into three parts. (1) The tweaks to the RSP stub ("RemoteGDB") which we did in support of Ingalls-Miranda JIT simulation. (2) The band-aids to various Power ISA problems in gem5. These will be superseded by GEM5-959. (3) Miscellaneous patches not fitting in either (1) nor (2).


Boris Shingarov


Boris Shingarov



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Upstream squeak

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